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The financial tool Enercrowd will be the first Swiss based crowdfunding platform for renewable energy projects. This platform brings together renewable energy projects, investors and people who aspire to live in a more sustainable world. How does enercrowd work? In a classical crowdfunding plattform, investors are usually rewarded by goodies like branded cups, t-shirts with the company logo or product samples. Enercrowd will do it differently. Depending on the level of the investment and the location of the project, investors will be rewarded with either a reasonable return on investment generated by the sponsored project, or with an investment in a charitable project. For more information on Enercrowd, make sure to check our home page or follow us on facebook. Details will follow soon!

Green financial support


To take part in the energy transition, either by the production of green power (e.g. photovoltaic) or by the implementation of energy efficiency measures, numerous subsidies are available. Thus, many municipalities promote inter alia the costs for energy consulting (e.g. GEAK) or construction of a photovoltaic system. This is only one example of the numerous kinds of subsidies available. 

For a profitable project execution Sustainable Projects helps to identify and acquire national and international subsidies.

Green Housing


The so called GEAK (Gebäudeenergieausweis der Kantone/ energy certificate for buildings) has been an appropriate tool since 2009 to tell the owners something about the consumption for their buildings. Now the GEAK Plus is being launched which is specifying not only the energy demand but as well the measures necessary to improve the energy balance and modernize the respective technical structures.

Many real estate proprietors since, have decided on the basis of the GEAK information to invest into energy efficiency of their buildings. This will be easier with the help of GEAK Plus. GEAK Plus is providing real estate proprietors not only with an analysis of the current energy situation but also shows the way to improve energy efficiency. If you want to save money in the long term perspective and enhance the actual value of your building, please feel free to contact us! By the way, many Swiss municipalities contribute to the costs of the GEAK & GEAK Plus.

Sustainable Lightening


The technology of Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting offers a decisive advantage to other kinds of lightening.  The major benefits of a LED´s are the high efficiency (low power consumption and long lasting lifetime) and the use of non hazardous substances.

However, many Swiss municipalities are active in a sustainable energy future. These efforts are mainly managed and manifested by the label „Energiestadt“. To support this, Sustainable Projects offers municipalities several services concerning LED´s to reduce the energy demand and energy costs.

Besides, many companies are dependent on energy savings and cost reductions. Therefore Sustainable Projects offer not only solutions for self production (photovoltaics) but also energy efficient and sustainable lightening systems based on Light Emitting Diodes.

Our services
  • consultation concerning technology, benefits & costs of LED´s
  • status quo scenario
  • calculation of profitability & financing planning
  • engineering
  • acquisition of subsidies

Sustainable Friends

With our program “sustainable friends” you have the chance to be part of the global energy transition while earning money simultaneously. Become a “sustainable friend” and shape your future.


What is a "sustainable friend"?

As a sustainable friend you will contribute to the development of a sustainable energy production by referring new clients to us. In return we will pay you a commission, after the client has signed the contract. In our program “sustainable friends” the value of your commissions determined by the total size of installed capacity (kWp) of the pv-systemsbuilt upon your reference.

Further information are available at Sustainable Friends

How does it work?

In general we will pay you a commission for every installed kWp (up to 30CHF / kWp), but the size of the commission depends on the total installed capacity. For every installed kWp you will earn one “Energy Coin”. The “Energy Coin” is an in-house unit comparable to the Miles of the Miles & More program (Star Alliance). For example, for 200 kWp pv-system built for a client acquired upon your reference, you will earn 200 “Energy Coins”, which will be credited to your account. The commission we pay is divided into 3 different levels (15, 20 & 30 CHF/kWp). For the second level you have to collect more than 1000 „Energy coins“, for the third level more than 2000 „Energy Coins“ in total. This implies the more pv systems are built upon your reference or the bigger the size of the pv-systems, the higher your commission and your constribution to a sustainable energy production.


Capigran is a patented, innovative oil-binding granular agent with exclusive features. The possibility to mechanically separate oil from absorbing substance and to reuse both materials justifies the uniqueness of Capigran. Its high absorption capacity (over 6,8l/kg) and long-lasting binding capability (over 18 years so far) contrasts strongly with other available oil-binding materials. Furthermore, Capigran floats before and after interaction with oil, it is lightweight, volume efficient and environmentally friendly.


Capigran can be effectively applied for cleaning of big-scale marine or terrestrial ecosystems as well as for gentle oil removal from fur, feathers and human skin. On water or ashore Capigran absorbs and binds oil securely for an unlimited long time. Long-lasting experiment proves that even after 18 years Capigran had released no oil under usual conditions.


Because of its physical properties Capigran stays always on the water surface – with or without oil collected on it. During the absorbing process Capigran granules covered with oil start to merge into ping-pong ball size clumps. Therefore bounded oil can be easily collected from a sea surface (e.g. with net) or ashore.